Seacure Hydrolyzed White Fish Protein Supplement

Seacure is a pre-digested dietary protein supplement made from the fillets of deep-ocean white fish by means of a unique manufacturing process.  All of the vital, naturally-occurring nutrients found in the fish flesh, including the Omega-3 fatty acids, are retained in Seacure.   Seacure is an all-natural, whole-food product.

6 capsules contain 10.5 calories, 9 mg Cholesterol, 20 mg Sodium, 2 g Protein, 157 IU Vitamin A, 57 mg Calcium, 63 mg Phosphorus, and 32 mg Omega-3.    Ingredients: Pacific Whiting (Cod), Rosemary Extract, Gelatin Capsules.   Each box contains 30 servings.


Seacure Hydrolyzed White Fish Protein Supplement
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